THIS 10-minute clip features Daniel Goleman, of “Emotional Intelligence” fame, making good points about the need to manage yourself to better manage others.  I’m not sure about the validity of the concept, “Emotional Intelligence”, which to me is another way of saying “emotionally aware” and “empathetic”, but the book is well worth reading, and ushered in a new paradigm in leadership and management; emphasizing the need for greater understanding of what emotions are, what causes them, and how out-of-control or misunderstood emotions can seriously downgrade leadership effectiveness.

His later work on “Social Intelligence” jibes well with what we simply call “people skills”, encompassing a host of soft skills: effective communication, motivation, empathy, negotiation, and delegation.  ML places more emphasis on the need to integrate people skills with other leadership attributes, and less on “Social Intelligence” as the be all and end all.  That said, if you have 10 minutes, take a look.  His point at 6:30 about how change is possible is what Method Leadership is all about.