ENGAGEMENT has become somewhat of a buzz-word.  Getting employees to “engage” means a happier, more productive, more committed, and, hopefully, a more innovative workforce.  So goes the mantra, and it’s true.

Here’s the thing though: engagement is the default setting for humans.  Human’s have evolved a phenomenal capacity to know reality; to focus, to think, to reason, to make choices, to act.  In short, humans are made to engage.

Many of us though, unfortunately, are switched off, or, at best, on auto pilot.  We’re disengaged.  Coasting.  Drifting.

It starts with a truly awful education “system” compelling conformity, favoring rote over critical thinking, and rife with peer pressure and social politics.  Going with the flow is the path of least resistance.

challengeAdd the constant drumming of mass media entertainment, and, it must be said, the “spoiling” that comes with the physical ease of western civilization, which is wholly taken for granted, and it’s no wonder people motor-down.  If you don’t need it, you don’t use it.  If you don’t use it, you lose it.

All this points to a critical fact that needs to be considered in any initiative or effort to engage employees.

Any ideas?

UPDATE:  See here.