Second clause first:


The more they think, the more they are engaged;

The more they are engaged, the more they contribute.

The more they contribute, the more vested they become;

The more vested they become, the more committed they are.

The more committed they are, the more accountable they become.

Which organization does not need or want its members to be engaged in their work, contributing to the team effort, having a vested interest in and being committed to the organization’s purpose, and accountable for themselves?

And the how?

Here’s a simple rule:

No one may come to you with a question, about anything, without also bringing at least one potential answer.  If they bring a problem, they also bring a suggested solution.  If they bring a challenge, they also need to suggest a course of action.  Simple.  Very effective.

Implement this tomorrow and within a month you’ll see noticeable change.