GOOD leadership, ultimately, is about creating happiness.

I know that sounds naff, naive even, but hear me out.  It’s a principle at the heart of Method Leadership and one I’m going to return to often.

Your customer buys your good or service because it will solve a problem or meet a need.  If it does that well, it helps them to achieve a value, which is the precursor of happiness.

Your investor(s) wants a certain return on equity.  Succeed, provide that, and they’ll be happy.

Your employees want to feel that they add value to an enterprise whose purpose has meaning for them, and of course, to earn fair remuneration.  Ensure that, and they’ll be happy.

If you deliver to all stakeholders, you gain the satisfaction of a job well done, and get rewarded financially.  That hopefully makes you happy.  [If it doesn’t, you may be in the wrong job.]

It may sound too simple, but it’s not.  If you’re an organizational leader, think happiness.  It’s not easy, because sometimes it seems each stakeholder’s happiness will come at the cost of another stakeholder’s.  That’s where you come in.

A big part of your job is ensuring not only that all stakeholders’ objectives are aligned, but also that they know it.

Then there’s morale.  It’s top-down.  Organizational leader’s set the mood and define the culture.  A smile, respect, consideration, gratitude, and the big one; justice*.  These together create a valuable workplace, and value means happiness.

If you still think this sounds too easy, you’re right.  Because it’s not easy.  In fact, at times, it’s downright difficult.   Tough choices need to be made.  Ask any parent about “tough-love”.  That’s one of the reasons why organizational leader’s have a role.

I’ve found though, that if you look past all the complexities, the challenges, the friction, and keep an eye on the end-goal, making stakeholders happy, you stay focused on what matters.

Life’s too short to deal with @#$%holes, or to be one.  And spreading happiness is much more fun.

*Justice is vitally important.  It deserves a post of its own.  Stay tuned.  Maybe you want to subscribe.  Just enter your email on the right there, or click the “follow” tab if you’re a wordpresser.  Then you wont miss it.