HOW do you measure success?

An old and maybe cliched question, but one that’s easy to answer.

Success. Is. Measured. In. Happiness.

Happy is what you are when you achieve something; reach a goal; attain a value.  Could be a material value like the new car you’ve been saving for, or a spiritual value like finding the partner you love.  Could be small, like making it through a hard day, or big like finally succeeding with your start up.  The bigger the goal and the more effort it requires and the longer it takes to attain, the deeper and longer lasting the happiness.  Make a habit of it and all that happiness adds up to contentment.  Aaah.

And if you want to be happy NOW, the secret is to pursue values NOW.  Small ones, big ones, ones for today and ones for tomorrow.  Set yourself values to achieve for work, for relationships, for fitness, for leisure… actually, for everything.  That’s living with intention, and it will make you happy (and successful).  It is the meaning of your life.

*Sorry about all the periods, but it made you read with emphasis, right?