WHETHER you’re venturing out on your own, in a partnership, or managing a team; high-performers engage a coach.

Method Leadership offers tailored coaching and consulting; assessing and optimising your position, your organisation or your venture, leveraging the Six-Essentials framework, and lifting personal and team performance through the Method Leadership MAPP.

It works.  Fast.  

All organisational coaching and training is tailored to your needs, and might include:

6E audit and optimisation: envisioning, strategizing, delegating, scanning, networking, codifying;

MAPP audit and targeted training.

Defining the mission – what, when, and how;

Situational Leadership – when to teach, when to bark, when to roll up your sleeves;

Empowerment and delegation – the more they can do, the more you can do;

Persuasion and negotiation – rhetoric, the leveraging of strengths, and the Art of War;

Innovation – because the competition never sleeps;

Recruiting – find the right ones, start them off on the right foot;

Team building – got the right people in the right roles?  Get them close-knit then let’em loose;

An initial talk is always cost and obligation free.

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“Michael helped me with a new restaurant venture. It was a highly rewarding experience. Michael was inventive, effective, and even entertaining. My employees found him captivating. I will always appreciate both his seriousness AND the refreshing approach he brought to his work.” ~ N.N.