I’M no stranger to the inevitable doubts that pop up when you start a new venture.  I’m also no stranger to procrastination; I’m not the world’s worst, but I’ve spent enough time doing things that didn’t matter to avoid doing things that did, to know that there’s a certain spark that you need to find within yourself if you’re going to initiate… anything.

When the blues hit, I usually go running, or swimming, or something – just move and move hard.  Or, I take a dose of Seth Godin.  “Poke The Box”, works a treat.  As Daniel Pink explains:

“Indeed, the message of this book is so profoundly simple and so simply profound, I can encapsulate it in a single word.  Go.”

“Poke The Box” may be a light read – you’ll finish it in one sitting – but the ideas have weight.  It’s a manifesto about starting, about taking the initiative, about living intentionally.  And for all that it’s grounded in reality, not ignoring the difficulties and risks that face all who dare to break new ground.  Starting things; making things better… that’s what the independent thinker does, and it’s the foundation of good leadership.  This is a great motivational read, with some good practical advice thrown in.  And as usual with Godin, it’s eminently readable.

At $5.59 for the ebook, why wait?  Go.