Personal, business, and enterprise coaching.

Whether you’re venturing out on your own, in a partnership, or managing a larger team; whether you need a teacher, a guide, or a sounding-board, I can help.  
I offer tailored coaching and consulting, assessing and optimising your venture leveraging the Six-Essentials framework, and lifting your personal performance through Method Leadership principles.
It works.  Fast.  Or you don’t pay.

“Michael was a prominent figure in my formative corporate development and provided me the appropriate building blocks to forge my own path.” ~ AL

The Six Essentials Framework
Any venture, personal or corporate, requires guided success in 6 crucial aspects:
Envisioning –What you do; your vision and your position in the marketplace.
Strategising –How will you do it?  Mission and strategic plans.
Delegating –Who will do what; roles and responsibilities.
Scanning – Internally and externally.
Networking –Broadening and strengthening the organisation’s sources of resources.
Codifying –Establishing, communicating, and demonstrating the ethical framework (values and principles) by which the venture is guided.

Method Leadership is a system for getting the most out of yourself and the people around you.

Imagine unlocking your full potential, and helping the people you engage with – all of them – do the same.
Leaders are neither born nor made.  Successful (happy) people neither.
A success is something you have to make of yourself.  It starts with a choice.
Initiation and commitment are always the first step, in everything.
The first commitment is to yourself:
“I am capable of being successful and happy, in all areas of my life, and I’m worthy of it”.
So are you committed to being the best possible you and to making part of your mission helping those you engage with become the best version of themselves?


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