THINK of someone in your life who is a great leader.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to work with a great boss.  Maybe the coach of your sporting team is good.  The leader of a non-profit organization you’re involved with might come to mind.

Whoever it may be, chances are high that they embody these four attributes:

1.  They are Independent.  They think for themselves, make their own judgements, and initiate things rather than waiting for something to happen.

2.  They have good People Skills.  They’re self-aware, have a knack for interacting with people from all walks of life, and are adept at managing teams.

3.  The are Expert.  They know what they are talking about and are curious to know more; always trying to learn new things and deepen their understanding of their field, and the world in general.

4.  The are Passionate.  They pursue their values with vigor and determination.  They do not give up easily.

These four attributes are essential for effective leadership.

One more attribute, which should be taken for granted, but unfortunately cannot be, is required for good leadership:  a working Moral Compass.

Good leadership means understanding that no end justifies any means.  True value, and the success and happiness its creation engenders, is only possible by honest means.