HERE’S a very simple rule for getting things done (which is another way of saying, “gaining values”).  I call it the 5-Step rule.  Simple name, big effect.

Step #1  Focus – activate your mind and look at reality.  Don’t worry about what others tell you; what do you see?;

Step #2  Think – ask yourself questions.  Lots of them, over and over and over;

Step #3  Choose – decide what action you are going to take;

Step #4  Commit – to the plan of action you just chose, don’t be distracted, go to it!;

Step #5  Add value – Don’t go half-arsed.  Put your heart into it or go home.

The 5-Step Rule applies to big things, small things, and everything in between.  From what you’ll have for breakfast to choosing a career.  It even applies if you fluff a step – start again and re-apply the rule.

Focus.    Think.    Choose.    Commit.    Add Value.

Wash, rinse, repeat.