Countless pages have been written on leadership. Anyone wanting to learn about leadership and how to become better at it, could dive right in with more books, videos, and websites that you could ever hope to get through.  Google “Leadership” now and you’ll see what I mean.  A lot of what’s out there is good.  Some of it’s great.  But where to start?  Try here.

Method Leadership is a framework for understanding the essential attributes of good leadership.  It provides a logical structure that makes readily graspable the knowledge and skills to be mastered by those aspiring to become better leaders, both in their own lives and in providing leadership to others.  The essential attributes are:


The trait of being reality-focused, habitually thinking for oneself, and initiating;

People Skills

The ability to manage one’s own behavior, to influence others, and to lead teams;


The desire to always gain in experience, skills, and knowledge in your field of endeavor, and beyond;


To strongly value and be committed to whatever you undertake.

These attributes are interrelated and foster each other.  They can be learned, practiced, and mastered, and are essential for success and happiness.  Method Leadership draws on the best of the vast catalog of leadership knowledge, the latest research, and hopefully breaks some new ground too.  Feedback is always welcome.