THERE are many good posts on why trust is important in leadership, so I’ll not rehash what’s already part of the conversation.  I’ll just take it for granted that we agree that no one will follow the lead of someone they do not trust.

It’s rather obvious, but I think a reminder won’t hurt:  the fundamental drivers of trust, which are actually two sides of the same coin, are Honesty and Truth.

Who do we trust?  We trust someone if we know them to be honest.  Honesty simply means fidelity to the truth, in word and action.

Why be honest?

For yourself:

Because innocence is the precondition of self-esteem, and self-esteem the precondition of happiness.

For others:

Because everyone deserves to hear the truth, or, conversely, no one deserves to be lied to*, not even so-called, “white lies”.

It’s that simple, in leadership, and in life.

*There are a couple exceptions.  If you’re interested, ask me in comments.