JUST because you have a leadership title, doesn’t mean you have leadership skills.  Being called a leader does not make you one.

Conversely, not having a title, having no followers, does not mean you don’t need leadership skills.

Most of the attributes that make up the Method Leadership framework are valuable to individuals in and of themselves.  They are knowledge and skill-sets vital to living a successful and happy life.

Everyone should be an independent thinker.  Everyone should understand their own character and how to shape their own personal development.  Everyone should understand how to communicate effectively with others.  Everyone should live with passion and commitment.  The reason these things are part of the Method Leadership framework is that so many people don’t have or foster them, but successful leaders, for the most part, do.

In reality, what separates good leaders from the rest is not their title.  It’s the degree to which they display the essential attributes of leadership – independence, people skills, expertise, and passion; and their possession of a moral compass that works.