WHAT motivates people to lead others; to take on the role of organizational leader, whether in corporate, non-profit, government, military, sports, or a myriad of other organizational settings?





Because no one else can?

I’m sure for most it’s a combination of many factors, and equally sure that reasons vary from leader to leader.

I’m very curious about this, because I believe leadership as we know it is rapidly changing, as the modus operandi of successful organizations evolves away from the command & control model of last century towards individual empowerment and more collaborative business models.

That means that what makes a leader successful is changing, and as a corollary, what motivates people to lead must also be changing.

If you have thoughts on this; if you are in a leadership role; if you’re an observer or thought-leader in the field, I’d like to hear from you.

I’ll have more to write on this in coming weeks, and hopefully will have a more formal survey in place soon.  For now I’d like to gather some anecdotal evidence.  Can you help?  Why do you or the leaders you know choose to lead?