EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION is the fundamental of #PeopleSkills.  Engaging well with others, whether as a leader or just as a human, is vital.  And thinking, speaking, and writing are inextricably linked by language; work to improve one, and you improve all.

Writing good copy is by no means a skill only needed by those who make their living with pen or keyboard.  Written communication that impels readers to action is not simply the stuff of advertising.  In the corporate world, writing well may be the difference between success and failure.  How much is riding on that one-page pitch, the report to the board, your next job application?  All of those, and far more besides, depend for success on good writing – clear, well-structured, and compelling copy.

I recently attended a 2-day “Masterclass” in copywriting, given by Nicolas di Tempora, in Melbourne.  I’m a regular reader of, and have gained much from, sites like Copyblogger and Blog Tyrant, but the structure and process taught by Nicolas was by far the best lesson I’ve had in writing for my website in particular, and for writing concise, entertaining, and persuasive prose in general.  And it was fun, exciting even.  Nicolas had the group (ten strangers of disparate backgrounds, fields, and motivations), engaged and working together within minutes.

Nicolas now has classes available online, and a great book, Copywriting In Action.  If you’re a blogger, write for a living, if written communication is part of your job, or if you simply want to communicate well (and we all should!), I highly recommend Nicolas’ work.

Happy writing.